Available only as pre-picked in our store.

5lb bag is $11.75 and 8lb bag is $18.75

Availability (as of 9/29/22)

U-pick apples and pears $1.25/lb

Ambrosia - u-pick 

Cortland - u-pick and pre-picked

Empire - u-pick and limited pre-picked

Gala - u-pick and limited pre-picked

Honeycrisp - pre-picked in-store only

Macoun - u-pick and limited pre-picked

McIntosh - u-pick and pre-picked

Mollies - u-pick and limited pre-picked

Paula Red - ON SALE pre-picked $1/lb

Snow - u-pick and limited pre-picked

Wolf River - u-pick and limited pre-picked

Pumpkins - u-pick

Pears - very limited u-pick

Cider and Caramel Apples - Available each weekend, but often sell out quickly on busy weekends.

Coming soon:
14 more apple varieties yet to ripen!
View our Apple Guide for the full list.


Pre-picked Paula Reds 5lb for $5

While supplies last. No price adjustments.

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Welcome to Star Orchard

Traditional pick-your-own apple orchard

For the past 60 years, our family-owned and operated orchard has been using traditional growing and hand-picking methods to provide quality, locally-grown apples to families just like yours. We are just a short drive from Appleton, Green Bay and DePere, so come visit us today and start your own apple-picking tradition.

Pick-your-own apples

With 36 apple varieties across 55 acres, there's plenty of room for everyone to drive or walk into the orchard and pick to your heart's desire. In addition, our 'pay per pound' method means you're never limited to a specific bag size here!

Orchard store

No time to pick your own – no problem! We've done the legwork so you don't have to. Our store has bags of hand-picked apples that are ready to be taken home.

Around mid-September, we'll start having caramel apples on the weekends, as well as begin pressing fresh apple cider. These customer favorites sell out fast though, so check for availability before you come. 


While you're here, don't miss out on all the other treats in our store including 24 different kinds of salsa! And if you have a sweet tooth, you're sure to love our caramel dip!