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Orchard map


Orchard map

Use this handy map to help you find the apples you're looking for, and to make sure no one gets lost, too.  Print one off at home or pick one up at the store.

Let 'em grow - only pick what you will purchase

Help us reduce apples going to waste by only picking the apples you will purchase.


Roads and parking
All roads are dirt or grassy paths. Be aware that Mother Nature may make the orchard muddy at times. If you're uncomfortable taking your vehicle into an area, simply park in a grassy spot and walk in. Just don't block other drivers of course!

Please respect roped-off areas
and our neighbor's property. 

We know how exciting apple picking can be, but a few areas are closed off for various reasons.
We ask that you please do not enter or
pick from the roped-off areas.


If you need help finding trees available for picking, please ask us, we're glad to help!

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