Apple varieties


We understand that with 55 acres of u-pick apples to choose from, you may not know where to start. So we invite you to learn a bit about the apples below. 


All dates listed below are approximate, so check our homepage or our facebook page to see current availability.


Ambrosia (Mid September)

Sweet, crisp, aromatic flavor reminiscent of pear as fruit ages • Low acidity • Cream-colored firm flesh • Good for fruit salad as it remains white for many hours after being cut


Connell Red (Mid October)

Sweet mild flavor • Crisp juicy texture • Keeps well in storage • Good for eating and cooking


Cortland (Late September)

Sweet with a hint of tartness • Juicy, crisp, white flesh • Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, pies, freezing and baking • A terrific baking apple - use in pies, cobblers, and crisps • Resists browning • Retains quality for three to four months in refrigerated storage


Empire (Early October)

Juicy, firm, crunchy and sweet • Good for eating fresh • Retains quality for three to four months in refrigerated storage • Ideal lunch box apple


Gala (Mid September)

Sweet, juicy, with a mild flavor • Crisp, yellow flesh • Excellent for eating, applesauce, and salads • Thinner skin than most apples • Retains quality for two to three months in refrigerated storage


Golden Delicious (Early October)

Firm, crisp and juicy • Keeps their shape when cooked - good for pies and tarts • Stays white longer when cut - good for salads • Tender skin - be gentle! We bruise easily • Retains quality for three to five months in refrigerated storage


Honeycrisp (In-Store Only - Late September)

Sweet yet slightly tart flavor • Explosive crunchiness! • Juicy • Long shelf life • Not available for Pick-Your-Own


Ida Red (Mid October)

Firm, crisp and juicy white flesh • Sweetly tart • Firm quality makes them good for baking • Flavor improves with storage • Keeps well in cold storage


Jonagold (Early October)

Aromatic with honey-like sweetness and moderate acidity • Crisp and juicy • A cross of Golden Delicious and Jonathon. Excellent for fresh eating, sauce, salads and baked goods • Retains quality for one to two months in refrigerated storage. •


Mollies (Mid September)

Mild, sweet flavor • Crisp, coarse grained texture • Good for eating, cooking, canning and storing • Retains quality for 10 weeks or more in refrigerated storage. Be gentle! We bruise easily.


Macoun (Late September)

Firm, sweet, aromatic and juicy - similar to McIntosh in flavor • Good for eating, baking, sauce, and salads.

McIntosh (Late September)

Juicy, crispy, slightly tart • Well known for the pink applesauce the unpeeled fruit makes • Flesh cooks down quickly. Add a thickener if making a pie. • Retains quality for two or three months when refrigerated


Melrose (Mid October)

Firm, course, juicy flesh • Sweet-tart and slightly acidic flavor that becomes more flavorful and aromatic with age • Excellent choice for kitchen use, retaining its shape and flavor in the oven • In storage it develops a warm, fruity aroma


Northern Spy (Mid October - very limited in 2020)

Sweet-tart flavor with hints of pear • Tender-crisp, creamy yellow, juicy flesh • Keeps in cold storage well into Spring


Paula Red (Early September)

Sprightly taste, not too sweet and not too tart • Firm, fine grained • White flesh • Become extremely soft when cooked - good for sauce but not for pies • Short term storage


Red Delicious (Mid October)

Best for eating and in salads • Thin bright red skin with a mildly flavored fine-grained white flesh • Short term storage


Snow (Late September)

Tender, pure white flesh with a spicy refreshing flavor • Good for fresh-eating, cooking and cider


Wealthy (Mid September)

Juicy, crisp, sweet and tart strawberry-like flavor • Good for eating, baking, freezing and cider • At peak ripeness, the flavor is more sweet than tart, and the texture is soft without being mushy • Before it’s ripe, the pie flavor tends to be slightly tart • Retains quality for 3 months or more in refrigerated storage • Many old-timers say this is the best apple for pies


William's Pride (Early September)

Dark Red and moderately sour - sweetens with age • Firm, crisp and juicy • Good eating and dessert apple • Medium to coarse texture • Retains quality for 6 weeks or more in refrigerated storage


Wolf River (Late September)

Moderately tart • Tender and juicy • Good for baking, sauce, apple butter, and drying


Zestar (Early September)

Sweet-tart balance with brown sugar overtones • Light, crisp and juicy • Excellent for fresh eating, pies, bars and sauces • Retains quality for 8 weeks or more when refrigerated • When kept at room temperature, the spicy and sweet flavors will increase. Be gentle! We bruise very easily. 

availability dates

Early September

William's Pride, Paula Red, Zestar


Mid September

Paula Red, Mollies, Wealthy, Zestar, Gala


Late September

Wealthy, Zestar, Gala, Cortland, McIntosh, Macoun, Wolf River, Ambrosia, Snow, Honeycrisp (in-store only)


Early October

Gala, Cortland, McIntosh, Macoun, Wolf River, Ambrosia, Snow, Empire, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp (in-store only)


Mid October

Empire, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Connell Red, Melrose, Ida Red, Northern Spy, Honeycrisp (in-store only)


Late Oct and into Nov

Empire, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Gala, Connell Red, Melrose, Ida Red, Northern Spy, Honeycrisp (in-store only)

*Dates are estimates and are subject to change.