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Join our team!

We are looking to hire part-time help for during the months of September and October. If you have an appreciation for apples and our orchard, then we’d love to hear from you.

  • Store / Market Attendant: This person will primarily be working in the outdoor market weighing customer’s apples and helping stock products. Other tasks may include assisting with bottling cider, or serving as a greeter as customers enter the orchard. This would include explaining pick-your-own and directing customers where to go. This person will be working outdoors in various weather conditions and will be on their feet a majority of the shift. Weekend shifts available.

  • Apple Grader: Work inside sorting, grading and bagging pre-picked apples for the store. Must be efficient and have a gentle touch in order to avoid bruising the apples. Must be able to lift crates that are 30-50 lbs and be able to stand for prolonged periods of time. Weekday's preferred.


- Be friendly, efficient, hard-working and a team player

- Willing to learn and complete miscellaneous tasks as needed
- Must be 16 years of age or older 


If interested, please contact Sharon at or fill out the form on this page. Applications must include:
- Name, address and phone number
- Why you would like to work at Star Orchard
- Weekly availability

- 3 references

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